Anna Kaehler

Anna Kaehler – author

I am a writer and wanderer born in the UK and now living in the US. I have crossed western state boundaries more times than I care to count in search of my "settled" home, finally deciding that the notion of settled will just have to wait until I am less inclined to pack up my things and scram.

After college (and between moves), I've worked as a marketing manager, real estate agent, bead shop maven, caregiver, barista, non-profit beatnik, amateur florist, and Ayurvedic health consultant. Oh, and stealing away as many hours as possible for my central passion, writing. At any given time I can be found at work on a novel or tracing new paths in search of something that maybe wants to be photographed.

My short fiction has appeared in The Montreal Review and as a finalist for the Arizona Author’s Association Literary Awards. I describe my writing as influenced by the people I've lived and the places I've met, though there is always a touch of the mystical and unseen in there somewhere. On the whole, I would like to meditate more frequently and eat a few less brownies when presented with a plate of them at a party. Hey, a person has got to set some goals.